The Asia Cohort Consortium

The Asia Cohort Consortium

The Asia Cohort Consortium (ACC) is a collaborative effort seeking to understand the relationship between genetics, environmental exposures, and the etiology of disease through the establishment of a cohort of at least one million healthy people around the world. These participants will be followed over time to various disease endpoints, including cancer. The collaboration also involves seeking partners among existing cohorts across Asia to facilitate the exploration of specific research questions that need more immediate answers.

ACC Meetings 2020 (Tentative)

 Working Group Meetings
  • February 20th (4-6pm), 2020 in Kyoto with JEA (finished, thank you for your participation.)

  • April 26th (6-8pm), 2020 in San Diego with AACR (cancelled)

  • April 27th/26th, 2020 zoom meeting

  • Sept 13-16th, 2020 in Melbourne with WCE (TBD)

General Membership Meeting in Zhengzhou, China October 30th/31st (TBD)