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Team Jeongseon Kim
Published January 22, 2024, Madhawa Gunathilake (National Cancer Center, Korea)
Professor Jeongseon Kim’s research laboratory is located in the Department of Cancer AI and Digital Health
at the National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy in Korea. Our lab’s primary focus
is on exploring the interplay between dietary factors, genetics, and the microbiome within the framework of omics.
We utilize epidemiological approaches such as nutritional and systems epidemiology, aiming to prevent cancer. 
Professor Kim also holds the position of principal investigator in the Korea National Cancer Center Cohort and
engages in collaborations with numerous national and international institutes and consortia. As an executive
committee member of the Asia Cohort Consortium (ACC) and a leading figure in the ACC diet working group,
Professor Kim plays a crucial role in propelling forward the future of cancer research. 



Team Sue K. Park
Published December 14, 2023, Sangjun Lee (Seoul National University)
The research lab of Sue K. Park, located at the Department of Preventive Medicine in Seoul National University
College of Medicine, is a precision medicine laboratory. Our goal is to develop algorithms that can predict the onset
of chronic diseases and ultimately aim at preventing them.
As the principal investigator of the Korean Multicenter Cancer Cohort, Dr. Sue K. Park is currently managing the
cohort and conducting collaborative research with various institutions across the country. 

A Recap of the Asia Cohort Consortium General Meeting
Published December 8, 2023, Daisy S Sibale (Aichi Cancer Center)
As hosts of the Asia Cohort Consortium General Membership Meeting 2023, our journey was an exhilarating blend 
of coordination, collaboration, and inspiration. Dr. Keitaro Matsuo's adept leadership injected a fresh vibrancy into
Aichi Cancer Center, setting the stage for a dynamic event. Witnessing the seamless integration of diverse minds and
ideas, our team's tireless efforts to ensure a harmonious symphony of knowledge left an indelible mark. 
The collaborative energy that pulsed through the conference halls, whether during engaging educational sessions or
the inclusive tai-chi session, showcased the true spirit of the consortium.  The introduction of the new Executive
Committee, with Dr. Manami Inoue at the helm, marked a pivotal chapter, promising an exciting future for the Asia
Cohort Consortium. Reflecting on our highlights, it's the shared voyage towards progress that stands out, leaving us
with a profound sense of purpose and pride.