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IARC Learning resources

 The IARC Learning portal ( is an open website hosting learning resources to support the professional development of cancer researchers and health professionals. This portal is organized around several thematic platforms, which are growing to offer a large variety of learning and training resources (self-paced modules, manuals and guidelines, tutorials and demos, lectures and webinars, etc.). The platforms currently available are: Biobanking, Cancer Prevention and Early Detection, the World Cancer Report Updates and the Human Exposome Assessment Platform (HEAP) project. 

 World Cancer Report Updates learning platform  
  ・ The first webinar on “HPV Vaccination” was broadcasted on 19 November and the recording can be viewed, on demand, on the platform here.   
  ・ The second live event on “Obesity and cancer” scheduled on 14 December. Registration is open through the platform here.  

The IARC Summer School offers a unique opportunity for learning to epidemiologists, statisticians, physicians, oncologists, and other public health specialists from around the world. IARC WebTV,  63 lectures given during the two modules “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology” and “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection”. A dedicated Summer School learning platform will be developed throughout 2021, within the IARC Learning portal. The next Summer School in 2021 will indeed exceptionally be held 100% online to adapt to the current pandemic situation. The call for application will be open in January for the modules “Introduction on cancer epidemiology”, “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection” and a GICR-Net train the trainer module on “Childhood cancer registration”. Announcement will be made soon, through our IARC Newsletter! Please join the mailing list to stay informed.